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How It Works & Examples

With this fancy WordPress plugin you can push away your site to reveal your extra content in spectacular way. It's elegant solution to show menu, any kind of forms, social feeds or shop's basket etc. By the way, you may also like our ready NK-solution — Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form.

Try out
Ninja Kick!

Check out compatibility with your site right now. Drag button below to your bookmark bar and use it as bookmarklet when you are on your site to see Ninja in action (it will inject sidebar on site).

Kick Site!

Some methods

to reveal Ninja Kick Panel on your site

Click floating button with one of Font Awesome icons


Use any button of your site to call the Ninja


Use from any regular link in text


By default only way to expose panel is to click on label with Font Awesome icon. But you can control this: just add class nks_cc_trigger_element to any element on page (link, button, image) and click on this element will show panel. By default it opens first tab this way. If you want to open specific tab add also class nks_toggle_tab_* where asterisk is tab number. Or use API method in your code to show panel programmatically. Also you have option to hide icon label.

Panel opening function can read from trigger new HTML to paste in sidebar on the fly. You need to add this data to any trigger on your page code with jQuery method like this:

jQuery('#unique.nks_cc_trigger_element).data('NKS-html', '<div>Hi I will be inserted to sidebar when someone clicks this link</div>');
jQuery('#another.nks_cc_trigger_element).data('NKS-html', generated_HTML_string);

Try on mobile

qr code


Check out our 5-star existing solution for contact forms — Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact form.

Demo page for mobile devices


Ninja Kick: WordPress Sliding Panel

Click label with Font Awesome icon to expose panel!

Main features

Ninja Kick WordPress Pack


Good news! Only requirement is jQuery 1.7 and above.


Please use comments section on item's page to send your questions and propositions.
Also let me know what ready solutions you wish to see for this push sidebar
(ex. menu, registration form, social feed etc.)